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Business Value

Below is a list of the business related benefits from using Data Caterer which may be applicable for your use case.

Problem Data Caterer Solution Resources Effects
Reliable test data creation - Profile existing data
- Create scenarios
- Generate data
Software Engineers, QA, Testers Cost reduction in labor, more time spent on development, more bugs caught before production
Faster development cycles - Generate data in local, test, UAT, pre-prod
- Run different scenarios
Software Engineers, QA, Testers More defects caught in lower environments, features pushed to production faster, common framework used across all environments
Data compliance - Profiling existing data
- Generate based on metadata
- No complex masking
- No production data used in lower environments
Audit and compliance No chance for production data breaches
Storage costs - Delete generated data
- Test specific scenarios
Infrastructure Lower data storage costs, less time spent on data management and clean up
Schema evolution - Create metadata from data sources
- Generate data based off fresh metadata
Software Engineers, QA, Testers Less time spent altering tests due to schema changes, ease of use between environments and application versions