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Automated Test Data Management

Create simple managed flows for testing your jobs or applications

Data Caterer generate, validate and clean data testing flow

Why use Data Caterer

  • Catch bugs before production: Bring stability to your data pipelines
  • Speed up your development cycles: Fast feedback during testing
  • Single tool for all data sources: No custom scripts needed
  • No production data or connection required: Secure first approach, fully metadata driven
  • Easy to use for testers and developers: Use either UI, Java, Scala or YAML
  • Simulate complex data flows: Maintain relationships across data sources

Main features

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What it is

  • Test data management tool

    Generate synthetic production-like data to be consumed and validated. Clean up the data after using to keep your environments clean.

  • Designed for any data source

    We aim to support pushing data to any data source, in any format, batch or real-time.

  • Low/no code solution

    Use the tool via either UI, Java, Scala or YAML.

  • Developer productivity tool

    If you are a new developer or seasoned veteran, cut down on your feedback loop when developing with data.

What it is not

  • Metadata storage/platform

    You could store and use metadata within the data generation/validation tasks but is not the recommended approach. Rather, this metadata should be gathered from existing services who handle metadata on behalf of Data Caterer.

  • Data contract

    The focus of Data Caterer is on the data generation and testing, which can include details about how the data looks like and how it behaves. But it does not encompass all the additional metadata that comes with a data contract such as SLAs, security, etc.

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