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Run Data Caterer

Quick start

Ensure you have docker installed and running.

git clone
cd data-caterer-example && ./
#check results under docker/sample/report/index.html folder


Check the report generated under docker/data/custom/report/index.html.

Sample report can also be seen here

30 day trial of the paid version can be accessed via these steps:

  1. Join the Slack Data Catering Slack group here
  2. Get an API_KEY by using slash command /token in the Slack group (will only be visible to you)
  3. git clone
    cd data-caterer-example && export DATA_CATERING_API_KEY=<insert api key>

If you want to check how long your trial has left, you can check back in the Slack group or type /token again.

Guided tour

Check out the starter guide here that will take your through step by step. You can also check the other guides here to see the other possibilities of what Data Caterer can achieve for you.