Data Caterer


Name Data Sources Description Success
default_validation my_json Validation of data sources after generating data
1/2 (50.00%)
default_validation my_csv Validation of data sources after generating data
2/2 (100.00%)


Description Data Source Options Success Within Error Threshold Validation Error Sample
Validate my_json
2000/2000 (100.00%)
expr max(amount) < 100
groupByColumns account_id,name
aggregationColumn amount
aggregationType max
errorThreshold 0.0
Validate my_json
1000/2000 (50.00%)
expr count == 1
groupByColumns account_id,name
aggregationColumn unique
aggregationType count
errorThreshold 0.0
{"account_id":"ACC67262091","name":"Emiko Abernathy III","count":2}
{"account_id":"ACC98264190","name":"Shirleen Weimann","count":2}
{"account_id":"ACC70737722","name":"Shanelle Keebler","count":2}
{"account_id":"ACC28941814","name":"Dr. Violette Green","count":2}
{"account_id":"ACC42462487","name":"Marquetta Hayes","count":2}
account_number is a primary key my_csv
1000/1000 (100.00%)
expr ISNOTNULL(account_number)
errorThreshold 0.0
Some names follow a different pattern my_csv
985/1000 (98.50%)
expr REGEXP(name, '[A-Z][a-z]+ [A-Z][a-z]+')
errorThreshold 0.3